If you work around dogs long sufficient you’ll get the question.

Do you utilize shock as well as prong collars? (Or choke collars or slip collars.)

You’ll get this concern if you’re a trainer. You’ll get it if you’re a pet dog walker. You’ll get it if you’re a pet sitter or a rescue volunteer.

My response to this concern is yes.

I have utilized or at least suggested nearly every single training collar offered – prong collars, shock collars, gentle Leaders, anti-pull harnesses. They all work well for the ideal dog/owner pairs at some point or another.

And whenever I mention the utilize of any type of tool, somebody gets upset. One lady stated she might no longer checked out my blog since she observed a comment where I’d suggested a prong collar for a pet dog that was pulling. Yes, if you are angered by that I agree this is not the blog for you.

I am not right here to tell any individual else what to do. I just compose about what works for me. I try not to provide certain training recommendations unless asked.

I satisfied a fitness instructor just recently who states she only utilizes positive reinforcement training techniques. great for her. I’ve seen her working with dogs as well as she is an excellent, individual trainer.

Of course, she asked me the question, as well as was bothered by the truth that I have utilized shock collars. She didn’t believe we would ever be able to work together.

I told her that being available to all training choices enables me to assist a lot more dogs. It enables me to satisfy the owners where they’re at as well as go from there. This is extremely crucial to me.

I likewise have a lot more versatility since I do not make my living training dogs. Wouldn’t want to. I have taught obedience classes, however I make my living composing about dogs as well as walking them.

It’s as well poor that fitness instructors feel they have to define themselves as “all positive” or not. perhaps they feel they have no choice. pet dog walkers don’t seem to have that problem.

[quote_center]Being available to all training choices enables me to assist a lot more dogs.[/quote_center]

I try extremely difficult to prevent these labels for myself as well as others. Of course, no fitness instructor is truly “all positive,” not if she has any type of clients or any type of dogs of her own. Nie je to možné. At least, I’ve never seen it.

And what if you’re not “all positive?” What are you then? I don’t want to know.

I assumption in the training world, there will always be people prepared to ask the question. If you work with dogs, you much better have an answer.

Are you ‘all positive?’ Do you utilize choke or prong collars?

My blogging good friend Mahogany composed a thoughtful publish on why she utilized a prong collar. inspect it out.

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